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Waking up with perfect brows!

Does this sound like a dream to you? I did to me when I first discovered microblading. I used to draw my eyebrows every morning and funny enough I thought I was quite good at it. I’m shocked whenever I now see pictures of myself. Jeeeez my eyebrows were as uneven as day & night. But we can only see mistakes, whenever we see the improvement.

Today I am going to go through all question about microblading. Why can this treatment give you a smile every morning when you wake up? And what are the disadvantages? Can it go wrong?

So first of all, What is microblading?

Microblading is a type of Semi Permanent Makeup where we create very fine hairstrokes to create an extremely realistic effect. Every stroke is inserted with a blade made of tiny sharp needles to create a very fine cut which looks like a hair. Microblading is similar like a tattoo but it one of the most natural techniques to create hair “like” strokes.

How long does it last?

Microblading lasts between 6 months – 2 years. Now this doesn’t sound promising at all, how do I know how long it will last on my skin? Well, let me explain and guide you. Microblading is perfect for normal to dry skin and it’s fair to say that healed results are better on a younger skin. However, a lot comes down to the artists work. Oily skin types don’t have a great retention and are better candidates for ombre brows. If you have oily skin and you prefer microblading you need to bear in mind that you may need a yearly touch up and strokes may look less sharp. If you are unsure about your skin type you can book in for a consultation and we will advise you what treatment suits you best!

Is it dangerous or can it go wrong?

Although I really don’t like to scare my clients, I have to say YES! Microblading has its risks and can defiantly go wrong. In fact, I think I have seen at least an equal amount of failed microblading treatments to succeeded once. Unfortunately, microblading is not a protected profession, meaning everyone can learn it within 2 days. Yesss you heard it right! 2 DAYS!!! It blows my mind that this is allowed, and this is one of the reasons that I always tell my clients, if you decide to go ahead with a different artist, please do your research! No artist can learn this skill in a two-day course. It is impossible and irresponsible but unfortunately allowed. However, if you find a skilled artist with a good background and multiple certificates, I can assure you that this treatment can be done perfectly with little to no risk at all. Just do your research, ask for before & after pictures and compare this with multiple other artists in the area. Take your time for this and don’t decide to rush a permanent treatment and most important, don’t go cheap! And I don’t want to say with this that artists with cheaper prices are not good but if you decide to go for an extremely cheap deal, ask yourself in which corner money is saved! Cheap pigments? Cheap and quick education? No insurance? As a client we often don’t realise what all comes with a treatment like microblading. At the end of the day we get what we pay for.

Can I get microblading if I have no hair?

Yes! In fact, you are a great candidate if you have no hair at all. Like I mentioned before microblading is one of the most natural techniques to give you permanent perfect brows.

What is the difference between microblading and ombre brows?

Microblading is a hair stroke technique where we fill in stroke by stroke which looks identical like hair. Ombre brows is a shading technique done with a machine which looks more like a powdered effect. This treatment is highly recommended if you used to draw in your eyebrows and if you are more looking for a makeup look. This treatment is as well perfect for oily skin types and has very good healed results.

So do I really wake up with perfect eyebrows?

Rain, wind, swimming, it all doesn’t matter! With permanent makeup like microblading you will wake up with perfect brows not matter what your plans are! It saves you time in the morning; it saves you time running through beauty shops trying to find the perfect powder or pencil and guess what, it even makes life so much easier when it comes to tweezing your own eyebrows. Microblading leaves a sort of stencil on your skin so you know exactly where to tweeze. It may be a little investment but I am sure you’re going to love it!

I hope you enjoyed reading our blog! If you have any more questions, send us an email and we will answer as soon as possible. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @balearcosmetics for interesting posts, amazing before & afters and much more!

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